Thursday, September 3, 2009

EsSAy 1

My S!mPLe PErSoNaL DeTa!L....

I'm very thankful to God because I'm was born at this world.Thankful also for my parent,my mother's name is Mdm Maznah bt Ismail and my dad is Mr Ab Aziz bin Ismail because they are to raise me with full of love.I'm Nur Azmeera Ab Aziz was born on April 1st,1986 at Hospital Daerah Tanah Merah,Kelantan and now I'm was 23 years old.I live at D 253,Jalan Klinik,Tanah Merah in Kelantan with my family.While I'm 7years old,I'm studied at SK Sri Suria (3),Tanah Merah and after that I'm go to secondary level at SMK Dato' Mahmud Paduka Raja (1) in Tanah Mear also.After that I'm further my study at UiTM Jengka,Pahang in Pre-Commerce for one semester only.And then,after finished the Pre-Commerce at UiTM Jengka,now,I'm studiying and further at UiTM,Malacca campus in Business Study (Insurance).I hope I can finish my diploma very well.Many experience I got since I'm far from my family.I feel very sad because not to see my family as usual,whatever happened to me,I'm try for my best and my close friends always give me support and spirit to do very well.And I'm feel so proud because I have my loving parent and six siblings and I are number two.I have one oldest brother and four youngest sister.My brother name's is Mohd Azrul,he is 25 years old.He is graduated from UTM Skudai,Johor,Bachelor in Human Resource Management and now,he works at Giant's Supermarket in the Human Resources part at Kerteh,Terengganu.My first young sister is Nur Azirah,she is 19 years old and she still studies at SMK Dato' Mahud Paduka Raja(1),Tanah Merah,Kelantan in Upper Six.Next,my second young sister,Nur Azliza.She is 18 years old and she studies at the same school with my first sister.She is in Low Six.My third sister is Nur Azmina,she studies at SK Sri Suria(1),Tanah Merah,Kelantan, in standard four.And the last one is my naughty sister is Nur Azrifah.She is six years old,we are love her very much.And I'm also very happy because I live with my family very well.If we have problem we can settle together and I'm very proud for my parent and I love you all and miss so much.

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