Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ESsAy 2

AbOuT My LoV!Ng P!nKy sTOry.....

I would like to start my story with introduce about my sweet and lovely pinky.My pinky is made from a famous brands,that is Suzuki.That is my first pinky and special present from my precious dad,Mr Ab Aziz.He give me that because to easy for me go and back from my classes everyday.You all want to know what is my pinky?It is my motorcycle.Its name is pinky because I think it is a most beautiful motorcyle in the world.Let me start a story of sweet and loving pinky.My pinky's number is DBH 2269.My father bought it at Seng Heng Motors in Tanah Merah,Kelantan.The full name's pinky is Suzuki Step 125.It have colour that are pink and black,that's why I called it as pinky.I'm very love my pinky because with pinky my life will be easier and can make me easy to go anywhere without any problems.For me, pinky give a more benefits for me such as I don't have to make my parent difficult by sending me for everytime I want to go out.But,only drive my pinky by myself.I bring pinky at campus since part 3 and I'm always go to classes by pinky in the morning or at night classes.Sometimes,I go to library also with my pinky because the library very far from my colleage.I think without my pinky I wiil feel tired with walk to go anywhere.Morever,now is the Ramadhan's month,so to easy for me to buys some of food.During a semester break,I can bring back to home my pinky with KTM Sdn Bhd.They are posted my pinky because my village very far from my study's place.When during semester break,I'm can drive my pinky to round at town and also to sent my young sister went to tuition class or extra class.Sometimes,I will help my loving mother at stall to sell a nasi lemak and others to we customer.My pinky give me many benefits because it is always to help me and family when we to need it.That's why I love it very much and also miss it because now it is at my home.So,on the hari Raya holiday I will back home and to see and meet my pinky.Because very long time I'm not to see it and almost two month.So,I need more patient,because I will back at my home with UiTM busses to celebration Hari Raya Puasa with my loving family.That's all for my pinky's story to share at my simple blog.If you all to see my pinky,it is at beside picture.Before too late,I like to wish for anyone to see my blog "Selamat Hari Raya Puasa,Maaf Zahir Batin".I hope you all can happy celebrate Hari Raya with our family.

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