Tuesday, September 1, 2009

EsSAy 3

My TruELy Fr!EnD..........

Everyone has a friends to give any support for life.Friend is like as family because with them to share any stories,opinions,sad,happy and so on.I believe that everyone has a good friends,best friends and others.I'm also too,I have many friend in my life since I'm from child.But,the good friend and truely friend is not many because very difficult to find them is very honesty and to share anything.From me,close friend is important because to give me perfect life.Now,I like to share with you all,I have one of best friend.I just introduce her name is Yueyue.We started to close during we are part 3 at UiTM Malacca.She also to help me when I'm have any problem.She is Diploma Public Administration's student.She is a intelligent and hardworking student.I'm very proud for her.During the holiday,we are together back home at Kelantan with the train.Her family also close with me and they are kind and good family.I'm love her very much because she is nice person.For you all information she also is sweet and beautiful person.Last year,I have live at hospital for a few days because I have sick.My family can't come to see me and after that,Yueyue was take care for me until I sign out from Hospital Malacca.I'm felt very thankful because I get a good friend and she is my truely friend forever and ever.

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